Terms of use


1. Entrepreneur

The owner and the entity running the online shop functioning at www.wukador.com is WU-KA-DOR Michał Kasprzyk, with a registered office in Krakow at ul. Odrzywolskiego 8 (hereinafter referred to as Wu-Ka-Dor), with REGON: 120412273 and NIP: PL6762293587

2. Principles of functioning of the WuKaDor.com online shop

Wu-Ka-Dor sells goods via an organised online shop. The goods offered include products available in the distribution network of WuKaDor and other clothing brands products which Wu-KA-Dor is authorised to sell.

3. Ordering goods

3.1. Orders are accepted via www.wukador.com.

3.2. Goods in the online shop sport detailed descriptions. On the website, there is information concerning the properties of products, their prices, materials of which they are made, etc.

3.3. The client orders goods in a manner appropriate for a given article, defining, in particular, its size and colour and, if need be, providing other detailed information and the number of pieces ordered.

4. How to shop in the online store – detailed instructions

4.1. After the Client has chosen goods, he/she should click the “ADD TO CART” icon.

4.2. The product will be transferred to the cart which can be viewed after clicking the cart icon on the bar located at the top of the page. It is also possible to view the cart by clicking the "View cart" button (which opens up a page displaying all products in the cart) or by clicking the "Complete order" button in the product sheet.

4.3. After the “Complete order” option is selected, a page will open where data required for a given product to be shipped are to be entered.

4.4. Clients can shop as logged-in users (where the Client gains access to several additional features, including: order history, the possibility to check the order performance status of the last order placed, the possibility to record shipping addresses, the possibility of receiving current information on products in the shop).

4.5. After the delivery option is chosen (to the address stated or to a selected Reserved sales store) and after all of the required data have been provided (including invoice data); a payment option is to be selected.

4.6. The Client may choose to make an online payment (payment with a card or a transfer) or to pay for the goods on their receipt. After delivery options have been defined and if the Client has selected to make an online payment after this payment has been effected via dotpay/przelewy24, the Client will be redirected to a website where she/he can continue shopping or move on to an order summary.

Note: If the Client has chosen to make an online payment, the online payment order is to be issued directly after placing the order. If money is not transferred to the bank account of Wu-Ka-Dor, the order will not be effected and the agreement concluded shall be deemed null and void. If this is the case, the order can be placed anew.

4.7. If it is necessary to change or correct the delivery option, the Client may click on another delivery option.

4.8. At every stage of order-making, an order may be cancelled – the Client just has to stop moving on to subsequent stages and leave the sub-page for placing orders. This can be done in several ways: by clicking the icon taking the Client to a previously visited page or by clicking another sub-page (or a product) at www.wukador.com. Orders which are not fully placed by the Client will not be performed.

4.9. An e-mail confirming that an order has been made will be sent to the e-mail address entered by the Client in the Client's data. The said e-mail will contain a specific order number which can be used, among other things, to check the order performance status.

4.10. WU-KA-DOR may contact the Client using the e-mail address or telephone number provided by the Client in order to clarify uncertainties, confirm the order or in relation with other issues connected to the order made.

5. Prices

Prices on the website are stated in EUR and are gross prices; they include VAT. The shipping cost is to be added to the price of a given product; the shipping cost depends on the shipping and delivery option chosen and on the payment method. The price stated on the website as of the placement of the order is final and binding for the Client. The price of goods ordered will not change after an order for them has been placed regardless of changes concerning prices introduced by WU-KA-DOR and regardless of any promotional activities or clearance sales.

WU-KA-DOR reserves the right to change the prices of goods in its online shop, make new goods available for purchase, carry out and cancel promotional activities on the website of the shop, or introduce changes to promotional activities in line with the provisions of the civil code and other acts.

6. Availability of goods ordered

All goods sold in the online shop are available. Products may occasionally prove unavailable under special circumstances (e.g. when multiple Clients order the same product simultaneously). If it is so, the Client will be informed. In the product sheet, Clients can find information about the size range available – sizes currently unavailable are also displayed on this list but they are clearly marked as such with a colour different than the one used for available sizes. Products in a size which is currently unavailable cannot be added to cart but can be added to the wish list.

7. Incomplete order performance

If a given product is not in stock or if it is impossible to perform an order for other reasons, the Client shall be notified via e-mail of the problems concerning the performance of her/his order and of possible solutions (e.g. partial order performance, full performance but at a later date, or cancelling the order in its entirety without negative consequences for the Client). IPartial Order can not be executed, the order will be cancelled without negative consequences for the Client; if the Client has already paid for the order, the amounts she/he paid will be returned to her/him.

8. Order reception and order performance time

NOTE: goods can not be delivered to addresses within the territory of EU.

8.1. The order which is paid for on its receipt is immediately accepted for performance.

In the case of online payment, orders shall be accepted for performance after it is confirmed that money has been credited to the WU-KA-DOR account. If the ordered product is available and the Client has indicated that it is to be delivered to the address the Client specified or to a store, the product will be sent to the Client within no more than 3 business days. If express delivery is chosen, the priority for the preparation of a given order shall be set to high.

NOTE: If the online payment option is chosen (bank transfer or payment using debit card), the performance of the order shall commence after 100% of the amount due for a given order has been transferred to the account of the online shop (or of intermediary entities); at that moment the order is transferred to a courier company.

8.2. Goods ordered shall be delivered via a courier company and estimated delivery time is one business day from the day following the package send date. The overall order performance time should not exceed 5 business days.

9. Payment for orders

9.1. In the case of COD (cash on delivery) sales: the payment is made in cash to the courier on the receipt of the package.

9.2. Bank transfer

9.3. Debit card: The Client must have a card which can be used to shop online (one should make sure whether or not a given card meets this requirement by enquiring at the bank that issued the card). Payment by card takes place via the dotpay or przelewy24 website.


10. Sale/purchase agreement

Information published on the website of the shop www.wukador.com does not constitute an offer to conclude an agreement as understood by the provisions of the Civil Code. The agreement may be concluded in Polish.

11. Performance of the agreement – deadline

Depending on the delivery option selected by the Client (standard, express, or receipt at a chosen retail store), LPP undertakes to transfer the product ordered to the courier within 1 business day (for express delivery); up to 4 business days (standard delivery or receipt at a chosen retail store) from the placement of a given order or, if the product ordered is not available or it is impossible to perform the order, to notify the Client that the product is unavailable or that it is impossible to perform the delivery within such timeframe. Business days: days from Monday to Saturday (non-business days: Sundays, statutory holidays).

12. Delivery cost

Delivery cost depends on the delivery and payment option selected by the Client.

During the process of making an order Client will get the whole information about each country and all the costs of delivery.

13. Product return – withdrawal from the agreement

The Client shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement without stating the underlying cause within 45 days from the sale date or within 45 days from the reception of the ordered product.

Any return of products shall be considered proper only if the Client submits an appropriate written statement before the expiration of said period (this could be done, for example, by printing out the agreement termination form available on the website of the online shop or by filling out the “return” form made available for every order – the said form is available after the Client has entered the number of the order in the relevant place of the website) and sending the goods back to the following address: WU-KA-DOR, Odrzywolskiego 8, 30-376 Krakow, Polska 

The goods returned must not be altered (i.e. all of the original labels must be in place and there must be no wear and tear visible).

The amount paid for the product will be returned to the Client, and if the Client returns all products included in the order - also the costs of sending the goods from the shop to the Client (if the Client bore this in connection with the order from which the Client wishes to withdraw).

14. Complaints

Every article purchased from the Reserved online shop (www.wukador.com) can be the subject matter of a complaint provided that the deadlines and terms and conditions concerning complaints are observed and provided that the article is defective in such manner as to be inconsistent with the agreement concluded. Complaints can be submitted to every Reserved or Reserved Kids store (except for discount outlet stores) or sent by mail. For complaints sent by mail, the Client needs to indicate the underlying causes of the complaint and provide information necessary to identify the relevant order. Clients may use the “Complaint” form (available on the website for every order – the Client just needs to enter the number of the order on the website) – the form can be filled-out online or printed out and then sent (with the Client bearing the costs connected with sending it) to the following address:WU-KA-DOR, Odrzywolskiego 8, 30-376 Krakow. If a complaint sent via mail is considered valid, WU-KA-DOR shall send a defect-free (i.e. fixed or new) product within 14 days or, if this should prove impossible (e.g. there are no such products in stock) reimburse the Client for purchase price in its entirety. If WU-KA-DOR is returning the price of all the goods included in the order, WU-KA-DOR shall reimburse the Client with postal fees for sending the goods from the shop to the Client (if the Client bore this in connection with the order from which the Client wishes to withdraw). If the complaint is considered valid, the Client shall also be reimbursed for the costs borne in connection with sending the defective product to the online store.

WU-KA-DOR enables the Clients who make claims to send the items in question by courier at the expense of WU-KA-DOR In order to do that it is compulsory for the Client to fill in online return form (available in Customer Account) as well as to send through online contact form information on filling the online return form and on address data where the complaint products should be picked up from.

If a complaint is not considered valid, the product shall be sent back to the client together with an opinion explaining why the complaint was not acknowledged. 

15. Order cancellation

The Client shall have the right to cancel her/his order within fifteen minutes after placing the order. The Client can exercise this right in two ways:

- by contacting Customer Service using the contact form available on the website;

- by canceling her/his order using the client panel (for registered users) – by clicking the “cancel order” button; if the Client wishes to change his/her order, he/she needs to go through all the stages of properly placing the order and paying for it.

16. Final provisions

The relevant receipt or invoice shall be enclosed to every product purchased. WU-KA-DOR shall not be responsible for the Client providing it with erroneous data.

16.1. Personal data processing

The Client's consent to WU-KA-DOR processing his/her personal data (as understood by the act of 29th August 1997 on Personal Data Protection, Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended) is voluntary but if the Client does not consent to this, it will be impossible to perform the agreement and orders.

16.2. Personal data processing for marketing purposes

The Client can consent to her/his personal data being processed for marketing purposed (as understood by the act of 29th August 1997 on Personal Data Protection, i.e. Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended) and to such personal data being entrusted to third parties in order to enable the third party to deliver from time to time advertising materials and information on promotional and marketing activity and data concerning the organised of the shop to the Client.

16.3. Personal Data Administrator

WU-KA-DOR Michał Kasprzyk shall be the Personal Data Administrator. In line with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, the Client provides her/his personal data voluntarily and has the right to access her/his data and correct them or change or to request that such data be deleted.

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